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[ New Course : Admissions Open ] CONQUER PRELIMS – 2021 : Directing Knowledge towards Success

   By, Aditya Sir, Prelims Expert & Mentor

           Thanmay Sir, Prelims Expert & Mentor



Course Starts from: 15th August  2021

Course Fee: 4499/- including GST

Early Bird Offer: 20% off till Aug 10th 2021  

                                       10% off till Aug 14th 2021

Old Subscriber discount: 20% 






  • Cover entire prelims syllabus in 90 hrs.
  • Target 120+ in GS1 Paper
  • A New Perspective – Detailed analysis of previous year papers.
  • Five Pillar approach to each subject
    • Subject specific paper analysis
    • Subject specific basics coverage from Prelims Perspective.
    • Thorough coverage of themes for 2021
    • Relevant current affairs discussion
    • Techniques & tricks to tackle unknown and bouncer questions.
  • Skill enhancement session to maximize prelims score
  • Live solving of previous year papers
  • Short notes on specific themes
  • CSAT – Approach Session
  • Handholding support till prelims-2021 through regular zoom sessions.



Hello Insightians, hope everyone is doing safe and healthy. The prelims is fast approaching and each and every one of you are feeling anxious with lot of doubts pondering your mind. We feel the pulse of our student community and understand your anxiety, confusions and fear. To help you overcome these problems, and to keep you oriented in the right track towards prelims preparation, we bring you the CONQUER PRELIMS-2021 program.


Clearing prelims has become an Achilles heel. Off late the paper has become even more uncertain and students are feeling the heat. Most of the students even after repeated attempts fail to clear prelims exam. The reason is because they fail to understand the demands of UPSC Prelims Exam and fall trap to several myths that surround prelims preparation (One such is reading vastly and assuming that knowledge alone will get you to clear prelims). Conquer Prelims 2021 program is designed to make you understand the exactness of the demand and also to help you to address the demand effectively.


Also, Students preparing for prelims face another challenge of not doing multiple revisions of the subjects. They spend too much time on reading the synopsis of several different test series they take that is available in the market. Conquer Prelims 2021 will help build your basic understanding of all subjects and will help you study the sources purely from prelims perspective. This will help you revise the subjects effectively and also revise them multiple times.


Techniques/Skills are as important as knowledge in this exam. The skills are the most underrated part of prelims preparation. This is the most important reason for many sincere students failing in prelims.  Conquer Prelims 2021 program, done by our Insights in-house prelims experts, focus on helping you develop the necessary skills to clear the exam. The tricks and skills that you will be equipped with, from this program is the hard work of our experts in framing several 1000s of questions for test series and their in-depth understanding in the previous year’s questions of UPSC.


Furthermore, most of the serious aspirants score very well in practice tests, but fail to perform in the actual UPSC prelims exam. The reason is because they largely fail to handle the time duration of two hours effectively and efficiently due to anxiety, self-doubts and fear of failure in prelims. CONQUER Prelims 2021 aims to equip students to effectively manage the time in the actual exam hall.


So, we hope you will make great use of this program that helps you prepare from prelims perspective. Make the uncertain certain. All the best!



Watch the video on Strategy for Prelims by our Prelims Experts Adithya Sir and Thanmay Sir:


Few Testimonials of our Strategy Discussion Sessions and Classes




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