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[ IMPORTANT UPDATE ] Much Awaited Insta Revision Plan 3.0 Timetable to be released in 2 days


Dear all,

With a humongous participation for Mains Bridge courses and Insta Revision 2.0, we believe each one of you is following the plan of preparation for Mains religiously till early August.

Insta Revision Plan has always been sought after and appreciated among the student community. Even for us, the Team InsightsIAS, Insta Revision Plan is an challenging yet affable initiative as it helps the students to be in sync with MCQs on the lines of UPSC Preliminary exam.

Every effort is put to ensure a great plan document / timetable is released which entails a clear objective of ensuring multiple revisions and preparing students to attempt any kind of question in the exam with ease. We prepare students to anticipate uncertainty and give the best shot with confidence. Most of all, the team puts in their best to give you the highest quality questions every single day at 8pm so that you stick to the routine.

A wise man once said that , ‘ When you have a good plan, concentrate only on the process of following it. Fruitful results embrace you’. In this endeavor we, team Insights, will help you with a comprehensive, fool-proof plan with practice questions everyday to reach your zeal.

With due respect to the queries from many students and popular participation in Insta Revision Plan 2.0, we will be releasing the Insta Revision Plan 3.0 schedule  in 2 days. Timetable is carefully drafted to include multiple revisions of Static Portion, Current Affairs and Quizzes as well.

Irrespective of your current status of preparation, if you are attempting Prelims Exam 2021, Insta Revision Plan 3.0 will help you reach past the prelims stage.

The much awaited Insta Revision Plan 3.0 kicks off from 2nd August 2021. 


We hope you all adhere to the plan strictly, try and complete the daily targets and improve your prelims score and confidence levels every passing day.