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Insta–DART (Daily Aptitude and Reasoning Test) 30 June 2021


Directions : Read the given information and answer the given questions.

Eight people P, Q, R, S, T, U, V and W live on separate floors of an eight-floor building. Ground floor is numbered 1, first floor is numbered 2 and so on until the topmost floor is numbered 8.

  • P lives on the floor numbered five. Only two people live between P and Q. Q lives above P.
  • V lives immediately above S. T lives immediately above R.
  • Only one person lives between T and W.
  • T lives above W. U lives on an odd-numbered floor.

Considering the alarming importance of CSAT in UPSC CSE Prelims exam and with enormous requests we received recently, InsightsIAS has started Daily CSAT Test to ensure students practice CSAT Questions on a daily basis. Regular Practice would help one overcome the fear of CSAT too.
We are naming this initiative as Insta– DART – Daily Aptitude and Reasoning Test. We hope you will be able to use DART to hit bull’s eye in CSAT paper and comfortably score 100+ even in the most difficult question paper that UPSC can give you in CSP-2021. Your peace of mind after every step of this exam is very important for us.

Looking forward to your enthusiastic participation (both in sending us questions and solving them on daily basis on this portal).

Wish you all the best ! 🙂


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