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Summit on Green Hydrogen Initiatives

Topics Covered:  Conservation related issues. 

Summit on Green Hydrogen Initiatives: 


India is hosting a summit on Green Hydrogen initiatives involving the BRICS nations. The event offers a platform to share their respective Green Hydrogen initiatives and views on how to take it to the next level in their own countries. 

  • The event will be anchored by NTPC Ltd , a Maharatna CPSU under the Ministry of Power. 

What is green hydrogen? 

Hydrogen when produced by electrolysis using renewable energy is known as Green Hydrogen which has no carbon  footprint. 

Significance of Green Hydrogen: 

  1. Green hydrogen energy is vital for India to meet its Nationally Determined Contribution (INDC) Targets and ensure regional and national energy security, access and availability. 
  2. Green Hydrogen can act as an energy storage option, which would be essential to meet intermittencies (of renewable energy) in the future. 
  3. In terms of mobility, for long distance mobilisations for either urban freight movement within cities and states or for passengers, Green Hydrogen can be used in railways, large ships, buses or trucks, etc. 

Applications of green hydrogen: 

  1. Green Chemicals like ammonia and methanol  can directly be utilized in existing applications like fertilizers, mobility, power, chemicals, shipping etc. 
  2. Green Hydrogen blending up to 10% may be adopted in CGD networks to gain widespread acceptance.  


  • It is a clean-burning molecule, which can decarbonize a range of sectors including iron and steel, chemicals, and transportation. 
  • Renewable energy that cannot be stored or used by the grid can be channelled to produce hydrogen. 


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