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[InstaMotivation@9pm] The story of Two Apples


A lovely little girl was holding two apples with both hands. Her mom came in and softly asked her little daughter with a smile: my sweetie, could you give your mom one of your two apples?

The girl looked up at her mom for some seconds, then she suddenly took a quick bite on one apple, and then quickly on the other. The mom felt the smile on her face freeze. She tried hard not to reveal her disappointment.

Then the little girl handed one of her bitten apples to her mom, and said: mommy, here you are. This is the sweeter one.

Sooner or later, you are going to become a Bureaucrat. Being an Administrative officer, you will have to control a large number of manpower. Your subordinates as well as beneficiaries of your work will be looking for your every word and deed. But a small misjudgement may break their heart as well as it might cause big embarrassment to you as well. Sometimes, your words said during stress or less thought might cause irreparable damage to others.

Hence, No matter who you are, how experienced you are, and how knowledgeable you think you are, always delay the judgment. Give others the privilege to explain themselves. What you see may not be the reality. Never conclude for others. True Empathy and mindful behaviour are the core traits of any successful Bureaucrat. Practice it on a daily basis.