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[InstaMotivation@9pm] Issues We All Face


I know what you may face today

All those issues that come your way.

Within the dark of the night

 Gives no one any delight.

If you think you are alone

Simply call a friend on the phone.

It is never beyond a true friend’s scope

To be there to help you cope.

No matter who you are

Those troubles are not too far.

But, never be one to give up so quick

We can always intervene that is the trick.

Life issues will come and go

Sometimes fast and sometimes slow

Sometimes good and sometimes bad

Giving us happy and giving us sad.

Don’t hold it in, don’t be uptight

Stand your ground, give it a fight

Issues can cause so much stress

But always remember that life can also bless.

So talk it out with a friend

You will feel better in the end.

Issues we always face

But talking it out makes this world a better place.


How do you interpret this poem? What are your emotions/ perceptions/ thoughts after reading these encouraging words? Kindly share in the comments section.