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[ REGISTRATIONS OPEN ] CORE BATCH (Intensive) 2021 – Online Mode



In the wake of CSE Prelims exam 2021 being postponed, InsightsIAS, keeping up with its legacy, is back with a new program to help students utilize the available time in the most fruitful manner possible by keeping them constructively engaged especially for the next four difficult but crucial months.

InsightsIAS announces the commencement of our prestigious, intense and highly rewarding Core Batch – CORE BATCH (Intensive) 2021 which has been instrumental in creating many toppers since CSE-2014, including Nandini K R Rank-1 in CSE-2016 , Sachin Gupta Rank-3, CSE 2017, Jeydev CS Rank -5, CSE 2019

Last year, around the same time when Prelims exam got postponed we conducted a similar Core Batch(Exclusively for Delhi – DCORE) and we are happy to share that , DCORE has produced magnificent results – Out of 44 students in total; 21 students cleared Prelims and 10 out of them will be attending Interview! We hope to produce much better results this year as well.

It will be an intensive test-based program for the truly aspiring and dedicated students only. It not only promises to transform an ASPIRANT into a TOPPER but also improve ranks of existing rank holders, provided the student works hard passionately and utilizes every feature and facility of the program to the fullest.

CORE BATCH (Intensive) 2021 derives its form, shape, essence and inspiration from our earlier Core Batches. The timetable has been meticulously designed keeping in mind the following:

  • The time made available to us due to the pandemic.
  • The changing demand of Civil Services exam.
  • The needs of students who wish to be thoroughly prepared for the coming Mains exam beforehand and also have sufficient time to give for Prelims and Optional preparation.


What’s New?

Inspired by our flagship program IPM; Core Batch seeks to integrate Prelims tests along with the Mains Tests in such a manner that once a particular portion is completed in Mains Tests, the same portion is tested with a Prelims Test as well, thus making your preparation holistic and fool-proof.

This program seeks to effectively back students who have the mettle, intellect and grit to crack this exam and channelize their energy towards meaningful and productive preparation in order to score maximum marks in Mains and ensure their rank in Top 100.

The fundamental principle that makes Core Batch unique is its specific focus on increasing GS scores so as to nullify any adverse marks one might get at the Interview (personality stage). If you can score good marks in the interview too, then you will be on your way to be in Top 100 easily. That’s the potential of Core Batch – which trains you hard to be the best you can when it comes to scoring top marks in Mains. However, not to ignore your optional subject completely, in CORE BATCH (Intensive) 2021 we have dedicated every Monday and Tuesday for your Optional subject along with your GS studies.

All the tests have been carefully designed to not only test an aspirant’s ability to comprehend, understand, retain, recollect and reproduce quality content, but also to give a competitive edge by touching upon only relevant topics which will be important from the exam point of view (Prelims + Mains).


With main focus on Mains tests ensuring guaranteed evaluation and personal feedback, Core Batch also offers Mains Test Discussions, Prelims, CSAT, Essay and Interview guidance from the best of faculties, esteemed toppers and our Director Vinay GB Sir. It also offers access to our Success and Mindset Coach to ensure impeccable mental health in these uncertain and trying times.

Based on our vast experience of conducting thousands of Mains tests and giving personal feedback to toppers; at the same time gaining insights from students’ feedback – who have been associated with us for a long time, Core Batch( Intensive)  -2021 Program is going to deliver definite results. But to get ‘definite’ results we will need a group of very serious students who have tried hard but were unsuccessful due to shortage of few marks in the Mains examination or even at the Interview stage. Hence, we will be focusing only on 150 students in this particular batch, who will be selected through an entrance test (Details of the Entrance test is given at the end). This can ensure personalized and constant push, motivation, guidance, great environment for group discussions and individual study for selected students.

InsightsIAS replete with resources, talent, infrastructure and values aims to deliver the best possible guidance to our students. Every year our results have proven that our initiatives both Online and Offline continue to be innovative, unique and IAS aspirant – friendly.

Core Batch 2021 promises to be all of this and much more for the most dedicated and hard-working students!



  1. Total 58 MAINS Tests for covering all the 4 GS papers & ESSAY.
  2. Limited seats – ALL INDIA 150 SEATS only.
  3. Quality UPSC standard Questions.
  4. Value added & Enriched Synopsis.
  5. Discussion videos of all GS tests.
  6. Guaranteed evaluation of all the copies within 1 week.
  7. Dedicated mentorship with Mentorship: Student ratio of 1:15
  8. Get an opportunity to meet to our Toppers Directly for inputs and guidance.
  9. Starts from 31st May till December 30, with 50 days exclusively for PRELIMS preparation.
  10. Healthy Competition with your Peers – Rank list after every tests.
  11. All the Tests before prelims have overlapping topics with PRELIMS.
  12. Tests on Mains specific Topics like World history, IR, etc. will be conducted post PRELIMS
  13. Be Mains ready, before PRELIMS – 32 Tests before PRELIMS till 25th AUGUST
  14. Post PRELIMS – 26 Tests till Mains


Exclusive benefits:


  • Prelims BOOSTER video classes
  • CSAT Concept Video classes + Practice question
  • ESSAY Guidance
  • Interaction with SUCCESS & MIND SET coach for overall emotional wellbeing.



  1. Entrance Test-based admission
  2. This rigorous Test series is only for those who have completed first round of reading of basic books.
  3. Those who want RANK in this attempt only, must appear for this.
  4. Students who will be selected must NOT miss any test.
  5. Students have to write the test on the same date. Those who will write late, there copies will be not evaluated.


Fee details: Rs. 23000/- including taxes





Test Date: 25th May 2021

Time: 11am to 12noon

Results: 26th May 2021

Entrance test comprises of MCQs (100Questions)



Students will receive the link as well as the credentials via mail to take the test on 24th May 2021. Hence all details(Email ID and Phone number) are to be given properly. 


REGISTER HERE for CORE BATCH (Intensive) – 2021 Entrance Test