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[ ADMISSIONS OPEN ] INSTACOURSES – 2022: Prelims, Mains and IPM Test Series – 2022 for UPSC Civil Services Examination – 2022



” Once you Choose hope, anything’s possible”Christopher Reeve


The current situation that we are in is grim, gloomy and scary. The pandemic has affected almost every family in India today. And especially for  an IAS aspirant – the last 14 months have been difficult and uncertain. Your study plans, focus, momentum and energy was all ruined by uncertainty created by this pandemic. The scale of impact COVID on each of us personally, to our dear ones and the world at large is of unimaginable magnitude. Each of us have become vulnerable to fear and increased levels of anxiety & stress. The emotional trauma that many of us are facing is expected and understandable. Uncertainty has become the new normal.  This has taught us the true value of LIFE, HEALTH and RELATIONSHIPS. But it is important to remind ourselves that we are not alone and we are only getting stronger every day.  It is also important to realize that your ambitions need not be victim to a merciless pandemic. There should be consistency – despite the gloom – in your efforts to excel and reach your goal.

This situation has to be fought together with solidarity. In these tough times you will need guidance, moral support and a plan to rely upon. Your Physical health and Mental health along with Right Focus is also the need of the hour. Whatever YOU do now reflects on India getting a better bureaucrat in near future. The way our officers and healthcare workers are fighting to contain COVID keeping aside every fear and hindrance is commendable and inspiring. You need to be in the thick of the action in a responsible position with authority to bring any real change.

Embrace all the hope, come out stronger and come back with more Focus.  Remember, when you persist and never give up, good times will come back to you.

UPSC CSE Exam, known to be the mother of all exams, is challenging and getting difficult year after year . Before starting your journey, you must realize the level of increasing competition as well as changing dynamics of the exam. We as an institution constantly strive to keep up with the evolving nature of UPSC civil services exam and the competition to design our courses and also to guide correctly, especially by putting the interests of student at the centre of everything we do.

We keep telling in all our classes & courses and also on our website that it is the Consistency, Discipline, Dedication, Perseverance and Smartness to utilise our courses & resources to your advantage – that helps you succeed in this exam.

It is said that Ultra-successful people are those who maintain a routine even amidst odds and utilize the time effectively. To have a routine is to have a PLAN. Plan/Schedule will keep you accountable and disciplined.

One has to understand the demand of the exam and essence of the service. UPSC looks for the one who has Knowledge as well as Personality that suits the service. In this era of information overload, you need a trusted guide who can take you in the right direction and shape your personality and help you in instilling confidence whose intention is only to see you succeed and celebrate your success without owning it. Along with our courses, we make it a point to enlighten our students through articles, special classes and videos to motivate them to be better personalities and better officers. If you happen to visit our office – as a test series subscriber, or as a classroom student, you will notice the difference. We listen to you and guide you based on your individual needs. When normal times return, which definitely will, please do visit our centres(in Bangalore, Srinagar, hyderabad & Delhi) for any kind of assistance. For online students we are always responsive through mails, comments on websites and calls.

InsightsIAS always believes that it is the sheer hard work of the aspirants that earns them success. Our core principle has always been to teach you how to fish and help you study to the best of your ability by using tools we give you. The tools we give should be trustworthy, strong and reliable till the end. We are aware of these expectations and our team has always constantly strived to give you the best.

Over the years, we at Insights have learnt many important lessons and skills to help you prepare productively, effectively and efficiently by instilling confidence in you through a myriad of our initiatives – both free and paid. We have made sure that every year new features are added which are in tune with the changing demand of the exam.

It is a matter of Pride that, since the inception of InsightsIAS, many toppers have relied on the combination of our paid courses like Prelims & Mains Test Series and out free initiatives on our website.

Whatever INSIGHTSIAS has done so far is because of constant support by our lakhs of students base and, also because of the goodwill of our toppers who now are spread across the country donning different roles to make India a peaceful and prosperous country. Their testimonials and feedbacks have always been a source of motivation for us to do better every single day.


UPSC has constantly ensured to change the dynamics of the exam year on year. So , ideally just traditional way of reading books, solving a few MCQs and writing a few answers or tests is no more a strategy to clear the exam. This exam requires the maturity in analyzing the events, interlink topics  and have that quotient to take decisions on the spot. Questions seem easy but trickier than you expect. To tackle this it requires skills which can be built and improved through disciplined practice.


Every year we come up with Test Series to facilitate aspirants follow a very well crafted schedule with enormous features to improve every single day. Preparing yourself for the uncertainty is a MUST for this examination. 

To cultivate new skills and improve certain aspects you must have an integrated approach where you not only study, but also put into test rigorously what you study  on a regular basis. All our programs – be it Prelims test series, Mains test series or IPM – pose you rigorous test regime where you can constantly test your skills (of comprehension, retention, common sense and ability to think on the spot), and also learn new concepts and facts through our detailed synopsis documents provided with each test.

You must join these test series programs from day one to prepare effectively for CSE-2022. Starting early gives you sufficient time to improve at your own pace – slowly but steadily. Starting early gives you time to revise all tests multiple times and remember lots of stuff for Prelims as well as for Mains-2022.

We have noticed that those who start early and stay consistent will go on to clear this exam fast (within 1-2 attempts). In worst case scenarios many of the early starters at least write Mains in their first attempts, sometimes reaching the interview stage as well (if they finish Optional properly before prelims). Those who resort to solving tests in the end – just before prelims – find it difficult to clear this exam as it’s too much to digest at that moment. Moreover most aspirants panic because of the huge amount of materials that pile up by then.



Often aspirants jump into preparation without understanding the demand of the exam. If you are to Clear this Exam, you need to understand the Core Philosophy of UPSC, the demands of CSE, penetrate into the minds of UPSC paper setters and be abreast of the recent trends of this Exam.

The surest and fastest way of doing this is to solve the Previous Year UPSC Question papers religiously.

To make students realize the importance of solving and analyzing the Previous Year UPSC Question papers, we will be giving Previous Year UPSC GS Question papers as tests on every Sunday  starting from 6th June 2021 in Prelims & IPM Test Series. We will also be uploading the discussion videos of these papers which majorly intends to help you analyze the paper and help you learn tricks to solve the questions.

We shall also be giving you a few sessions  exclusively on Strategy & Tips to Solve MCQs & To follow the Prelims Test Series.


We are glad that both our Prelims and Mains test series have helped students immensely with a high hit ratio in the exam.

CLICK HERE to check UPSC CSE Prelims 2020 QUESTIONS which were covered in Insights IAS Prelims Test Series


During this time when you are to stay indoors, occupying yourself with with preparation, self-study with constant support from mentors is the best way to invest your time and energy. Our intense test series will keep you busy throughout the year that discipline come within you naturally.


Following are the courses that you can join. Please click on each of the courses to read their details. You can make a choice based on your level of preparation and preferences. Whatever choice you make, we will do justice to the program. Thank you for your support and love. 


1. Textbook-wise PRELIMS TEST SERIES – 2022 (NCERT and other Standard Texts Based + Thematic Tests + IFoS part for Prelims) Full Package & Only GS Package


–  Course Details (Click Here)

Timetable(Click Here)

2. Subject-wise PRELIMS TEST SERIES – 2022 (Thematic tests based on topics given in UPSC prelims syllabus) Full Package & Only GS Package


–  Course Details(Click here)

Timetable(Click Here)

3. Only CSAT – 2022

CLICK HERE to Download the timetable for ONLY CSAT package


4. COMBINED Prelims Test Series – 2022: Combination of Textbook Based & Subjectwise Test Series

CLICK HERE to Download the timetable for COMBINED Prelims Test Series




Course Details(Click Here)

– Timetable(Click here)



–  Course Details(Click Here)

– Timetable(Click Here)

IPM 2022 Brochure(Click Here)





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