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Leader of the Opposition

Topic covered: Parliament and State Legislatures – structure, functioning, conduct of business, powers & privileges and issues arising out of these.

Leader of the Opposition:


Senior Congress leader Mallikarjun Kharge is all set to become the Leader of the Opposition in the Rajya Sabha, as incumbent Ghulam Nabi Azad’s term ends on February 15.

Who is the Leader of Opposition?

  • The LOP is leader of the largest party that has not less than one-tenth of the total strength of the house.
  • It is a statutory post defined in the Salaries and Allowances of Leaders of Opposition in Parliament Act, 1977.

Significance of the office:

  • LoP is referred to as the ‘shadow Prime Minister’.
  • She/he is expected to be ready to take over if the government falls.
  • The LoP also plays an important role in bringing cohesiveness and effectiveness to the opposition’s functioning in policy and legislative work.
  • LoP plays a crucial role in bringing bipartisanship and neutrality to the appointments in institutions of accountability and transparency – CVC, CBI, CIC, Lokpal etc.


Prelims Link:

  1. About the Leader of Opposition?
  2. Eligibility.
  3. Powers and functions.

Mains Link:

What is the significance of Leader of opposition in Indian Polity? Explain in what way an effective opposition is crucial to an effective democracy?

Sources: the Hindu.