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[InstaMotivation@9pm] A Topper is there in you already. You just need to unleash!

A sculptor was working on a rock. Someone who had come to see how a statue is made saw no sign of a statue, the person only saw a stone being cut here and there by a chisel and hammer.

“What are you doing?” the person enquired. “Are you not going to make a statue? I have come to see a statue being made, but I only see you chipping stone.”

The artist said, “The statue is already hidden inside. There is no need to make it. Somehow, the useless mass of stone that is around it has to be separated from it, and then the statue will manifest itself. A statue is not made, it is only discovered. It is uncovered; it is brought to light.”

It is said that 99% of all humans’ DNA is the same. We all have the same 4 limbs, similar organs, same brain tissues. Every aspirant gets the same 24 hours, access almost the same resources, listen to the same lectures. But only a few get selected.

There lies a potential Topper inside every serious aspirant. We have to systematically chisel out our negative traits, we have to overcome our fallible habits, we should strive hard every day to build a resilient personality in a disciplined way.

When we start getting confidence over our day to day works, when we start seeing our To-Do list points are being striked out one by one with DONE quote, the positive things will start attracting towards us.

Most importantly, We should not try to become a Topper one day. We should live like a Topper everyday. We should strive to unleash the Topper inside ourselves everyday. Success is a day to day affair. There is a Zen quote, “when time is perfect, the grass grows by itself”. Likewise, When you are sincere and intensive, Results WILL HAPPEN by itself.