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[InstaMotivation@9pm] How to complete the Dark Spots of Syllabus


Being a sincere and committed aspirant, we have to complete all the syllabus of the subjects. We can’t keep out anything OUT for the granted as we did in the Board and Graduation exams. Who knows this year UPSC may suddenly increase the no. of Qns from that particular topic only. But there are always some topics remain uncompleted. Whether it is World History & World Geography, or Arithmetic part of CSAT, or GDP & other technical concepts of Economy, or agriculture & conventions of environment subject, we keep on postponing them. We justify by giving reasons that ‘let me finish topics important for prelims’, or like ‘let me complete easy topics first’ and So on. We comfort ourselves with sweet lies. But inside our mind, it is creating anxiety also. We will be entering into the trap.

So, how to fix it?

  1. a) Make a strong commitment to complete those topics come what may.
  2. b) Schedule a day or week for the backlogs. In that duration, focus all your attention into it.
  3. c) Use Videos, Pictures and Flowcharts in your learning. It helps to build conceptual clarity.
  4. d) Be mentally prepared to expect stress, boredom and uncomfortable feeling while attending those topics.
  5. e) Make the activity interesting. You can find any serious peer who also wants to complete the same topics. You can finish the topics and attend the tests together.

Most importantly, you need to realise the fact that if you are aiming for a big goal, your efforts should be bigger. You can’t escape from this. Safe & Comfort Zone Playing Strategy won’t work in UPSC. You need to be aggressive. You should be happily ready to face all the challenges.

Hence, make a list of all the pending points. Work strategically. Work fearlessly. Complete them without fail. June 27, 2021, is not too far away. You have to, YOU WILL CLEAR THAT EXAM FOR SURE. No matter What! Come What May!