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[InstaMotivation@9pm] Winning over Lust is an Essential Trait of Serious Seeker


While in America, there were few jealous orthodox religious groups who wanted to decimate the popularity of Swamiji. They wanted to distort his path of dharma. They tried numerous cunning ploys to fill Swamiji’s path with hurdles.

In lieu of this, they planted one attractive young American lady as a disciple of Swamiji. The lady visited Swamiji along with other people to listen to his discourses. Once she got the chance to meet Swamiji, in her first meeting itself, she praised Swamiji a lot and asked him to marry her.

Swamiji was surprised and asked her “why you want to marry me ?”

Lady replied “I want a son exactly like you. I want to bear a child who looks exactly like you and who has similar features like you”

Swamiji bowed to the feet of the Lady and Said “Why to think of replicas when the original is there to become your son. From now, you are my mother.”

Lady was ashamed of her wicked drama and pleaded guilty and she later became one of the ardent followers of Swamiji.


When you become a civil servant, you will attract a lot of opponents. Negative forces continuously work hard against you to tarnish your image and character. You will have to walk on the sword edge. Every day, you have to present your incorruptible personality to society. People should get a clear message that you are not fragile for these things. Also, internally you should not be disturbed from honey trapping issues.

Most importantly, when you win over the Lust, craving for the sensual pleasures, or kaama bhava, you will get a lot of confidence on Self-Control. Try to transform the vital energies into creative vibes. Being a serious seeker, your Sadhana Path should also aim for ‘Win over the Lust’. And you must tread it on daily basis.

May the force of Swami Vivekananda’s timeless thoughts be with you. May you win in this Exam as soon as possible.