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[InstaMotivation@9pm] Become a person who thinks of others welfare rather than Self


Before leaving for abroad, Vivekananda’s mother wanted to know whether he is all perfect for this mission or not. She invited him for dinner. Vivekananda enjoyed the food that had the extra flavor of his mother’s special love and affection. After the delicious dinner, Vivekananda’s mother offered Vivekananda a dish of fruits and a knife. Vivekananda cut the fruit and ate it.

After that his mother said, “Son, can you please give me the knife, I need it.” Vivekananda immediately responded by giving the knife.

Vivekananda’s mother said, “Son, you have passed my test and I bless you for going abroad.”

Vivekananda asked, “Mother, how did you test me? I didn’t understand.”

Mother replied, “Son, when I asked for the knife. I saw how you handed it to me, you gave the knife by holding its sharp edge and kept the wooden handle of the knife towards me. This way, I would not get hurt when I take it. It means you took care of me. And, this was your test in which you passed.

The person who thinks of others welfare rather than thinking about self has got the right to preach the world. You have got that right. You have all my blessings.”

This was the most important mark he left in the hearts of many he met in his lifetime – to think of others before thinking for self.

When you become a civil servant, you will be having vast responsibilities. You will have to handle huge financial resources, answerable for the Law and Order, and need to manage a large number of manpower. Having a purity of purpose as well as empathy and kindness in human interactions will make you a good civil servant. You will get blessings from the people. It gives you a different energy in life. You feel content.

These kinds of values and personality traits can’t be developed overnight. You have to inculcate these values gradually. Reading and trying to adopt a bit from the life of great reformers will keep you in the path of Self-purification. You will succeed in life, not just in the exams.

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