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[InstaMotivation@9pm] Fasting! A Medicine without Medicine




UPSC Preparation is not a single day battle. It is a year(s) long war. The most important determining factor of success here is the good mental and physical health. Because we have to face a lot of uncertainties, adversities and unexpected setbacks in the journey. We have to endure bravely amidst the prevailing negativity.

There are many ways to keep fitness. We can go for a refreshing evening walk, or go to the gym to build muscles or do swimming as an aerobic exercise. Other than your regular fitness regime, try to include weekly or fortnightly Fasting in your preparation schedule. It is a time tested method inculcated in many religions to build the will power amongst the seekers. It is a path of self-purification. It connects our wandering mind to the soul. It cleanses both body and mind. It brings a sense of purpose in our life. Our commitment towards the goal becomes stronger. Our will power gets crystallized.

Mahatma Gandhiji talks about the Fasting in elaboration. Along with Brahmacharya and naturopathy, Fasting had an immense place in Gandhiji’s life.

Out of the fullness of my own experience and that of fellow cranks, I say without hesitation, fast (1) if you are constipated, (2) if you are anaemic, (3) if you are feverish, (4) if you have indigestion, (5) if you have a headache, (6) if you are rheumatic, (7) if you are gouty, (8) if you are fretting and fuming, (9) if you are depressed, (10) if you are overjoyed; and you will avoid medical prescriptions and patent medicines.

Being a serious aspirant, try to bring fasting as a part of your Sadhana. When you come out of this UPSC Preparation with a rank, you will be a more evolved and matured person. You will have a great will power to bring the reforms in the bureaucracy. Most importantly, you will succeed in life, not just in the exam.