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Our data urgently needs protection by way of legislation as much as advanced security software systems. Discuss.

Topic: Challenges to internal security through communication networks, role of media and social networking sites in internal security challenges, basics of cyber security;

5. Our data urgently needs protection by way of legislation as much as advanced security software systems. Discuss. (250 words)

Reference: Live Mint

Why the question:  

Last August, news broke of a data heist when Bengaluru-based Juspay, which processes digital payments for the likes of Amazon, Swiggy and MakeMyTrip, admitted a major database breach. This year, the efforts of online sleuths have revealed Credit and debit card transaction details of about 100 million Indians were found being hawked on the dark web.

Key Demand of the question:

To deliberate on the need strong and effective data protection law along with strong cyber security measures to prevent cyber-attacks.


Discuss – This is an all-encompassing directive – you have to debate on paper by going through the details of the issues concerned by examining each one of them. You have to give reasons for both for and against arguments.

Structure of the answer:


Start with key facts such as – Although India was one of the few countries to launch a cybersecurity policy in 2013, not much has transpired in terms of a coordinated cyber approach and the India’s Personal Data Protection Bill, introduced in the Lok Sabha in late 2019 and referred to a joint parliamentary panel is yet to be passed.


Mention about the need of strong cyber security systems. Discuss examples of recent cyber-attacks. Explain the role being played currently by CERT-In.  Cyber security has become an integral aspect of national security. Moreover, its area of influence extends far beyond military domains to cover all aspects of a nation’s governance, economy and welfare.

Link the need of complementing the cyber security strategy with prudent and effective data protection law in India. Bringing about a balance between privacy of the individual and protection of the individual from adverse threats.

Suggest solutions such as creating awareness, strengthening of existing cyber security framework, mock drills, training and capacity building by bringing cyber security in education etc.


Conclude with a way forward.