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[InstaMotivation@9pm] Taking New Year Resolutions!


We all love to make resolutions on the New year. Because it gives us a fresh start. We can start writing our Diary from page 1. Whenever we turn back, it gives us a good reference that we have made the paradigm shift in our lifestyle from Jan 1.

There is no harm in it. But most of our resolution will fail within one or two weeks. We start finding excuses like, ‘optional classes are pending and I can’t go to Gym now’, ‘i’m daily sleeping late due to answer writing and daily MCQs, hence I can’t wake up at early morning’, ‘I’m stressed and overworked due to Tests. Let me have junk food today’ and so on.

Once we break the resolution, we will start reverting back to the old state. We shamelessly forgive ourselves and justify that ‘resolutions are there to break only’. It’s not about the loss of productivity or good health you would have gained from living as per your resolutions. But if keep on breaking the small resolutions, you will start losing confidence in your SELF only. You will be ready to break any commitments in the future. You won’t be a woman/ man of words. Nobody, including yourself, can trust you. This is how you fall in your own eyes.

So how to fix this?

  1. Don’t take extreme resolutions. If you’re a late person, don’t resolve to wake up early morning everyday from Jan 1. Your body and mind are accustomed to that old pattern. The success ratio of changing overnight is very less.
  2. Don’t take multiple resolutions. We need a lot of energy, efforts and time to change our life system. If you set multiple goals, our concentration will be diverted and we reach nowhere. We lose the battle easily.
  3. Start Small. If you want to build muscles, don’t try to lift 30 to 40 kg of weights from day 1. First, start showing up in the Gym every day at the scheduled time. Just go to the park and feel proud that you are awake at the scheduled time. Then slowly start increasing your running laps.
  4. Find the peer group. If you want to write mains answers every day, find serious people who will write with you. It builds up collective energy. If you wish to do fasting every Monday or if you want to become a vegan, tell mama(or any person who is doing that) that you will join with her.
  5. Schedule the Appreciation system. Try to keep a rewarding system for every level you reach. If you complete one week of Daily answer writing system, give the 2nd half of Sunday as a break for Netflix movie or whatever rejuvenates you.
  6. Expect that you are going to face a lot of pain and hardships in continuing this resolution. The road will be a harder one.
  7. Most importantly, resolve to persevere with your resolutions. If you can’t walk on the path, you should be ready to crawl and touch end post.
  8. Lastly, if you are not in a state to commit yourself to the resolutions, don’t take them. It will make as well as break your confidence.

Resolutions are a great way to change our life. Use them wisely to crystallize your Willpower. Introspect deeply, check what one thing you want to really change for the good in 2021. Resolve from the core of the heart to travel till the end.

One good resolution is to ‘I will bring smiles and satisfaction on the face of my parents. I will live up to their expectation of living as a good citizen of this nation. No Matter What! Come What May!!’

By the way, what are your 2021 resolutions.