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Plant based protein innovation: IIT-Delhi’s ‘mock eggs’

Topics Covered: Indigenization of technology and developing new technology.

Plant based protein innovation: IIT-Delhi’s ‘mock eggs’:


The innovation of plant-based mock egg by Prof Kavya Dashora, IIT Delhi has secured first prize at Innovate4SDG contest by ‘UNDP (United Nation Development Program) Accelerator Lab India’.

  • The award includes a sum of $5000.


  • The development of the mock egg meets the protein needs of the diet-specific, health conscious, vegan and vegetarian people, claims IIT-Delhi.
  • This innovation addresses SDG 2 and 3 (zero hunger and good health and well-being).

What is the Mock Egg?

The mock egg has been developed from very simple farm-based crop proteins, which not only looks and tastes like egg but also very close in nutritional profile to a poultry egg.



Prelims Link:

  1. What is the Mock Egg?
  2. Components.
  3. About lab grown meat.
  4. What are plant fibres?

Mains Link:

Discuss the significance of plant grown meats.

Sources: Indian Express.