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Supreme Court raps govt. on rising cost of COVID care

Topics Covered: Separation of powers between various organs dispute redressal mechanisms and institutions.

Supreme Court raps govt. on rising cost of COVID care:


Supreme Court recently passed its order on Covid 19 care by the Government.

  • The court took note of the issue of the deteriorating health of fatigued doctors, nurses and medical workers.

Need for government’s intervention:

Medical care during the pandemic has become so costly that ordinary people cannot afford it at all.

Right to health (Article 21) includes affordable treatment. For whatever reasons, the treatment has become costlier and it is not affordable to the common people at all.

  • Even if one survives from COVID-19, many times financially and economically he is finished.

What should the government do?

  1. It is the government’s duty to ensure affordable medical treatment for COVID-19 patients.
  2. A successful “World War” on the virus depends on “government-public partnership.
  3. The government should be transparent about the facts and figures regarding COVID-19 infection spread. Otherwise, the people will be misled and they will be under the impression that everything is alright and they will become negligent.
  4. The government needs to work out a mechanism to give “intermittent rest” to the frontline workers.
  5. States should consider a curfew on weekends/nights.
  6. In a micro containment zone or in an area where the number of cases are on the higher side, to cut the chain, they should be sealed.
  7. There should be complete lockdown so far as such areas are concerned. Such containment areas need to be sealed for a few days except for essential services.
  8. State and local authorities should either make more provisions for affordable treatment in their hospitals or there shall be cap on the fees charged by the private hospitals in exercise of the powers under the Disaster Management Act.


Prelims Link:

  1. Right to Health and Article 21.
  2. Provisions of the Disaster Management Act.
  3. What is DM Act?
  4. Bodies established under this act.
  5. Composition of NDMA.
  6. Powers of states and centre under DM act.
  7. What is a notified disaster?

Mains Link:

Discuss how the right to health as a Fundamental Right is being ensures in the Country.

Sources: the Hindu.