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[InstaMotivation] Live more spacious Life

motivationThere is a common myth in the newcomers that UPSC aspirants should study daily for 14 hours to get cleared in this exam. They start planning the timetable which is ambitious and unrealistic. They put back to back slots for syllabus coverage. They overwhelm their day with Online classes, Mains answer writing, Prelims Tests, Optional subjects, Current Affairs etc. They plan to squeeze out 16 hrs per day for the next one year.

But things won’t work in that way. Reading the books, attending the classes, analysing the subjects, writing the answers are all mentally expensive processes. It consumes a lot of our Psychic energy. It drains our vibes. 

We are all humans. And the human system works in a reversible way. It has been evolved to use the intellectual capacity in an optimal and progressive way. A sudden demand for processing of heavy loads of data will create imbalance in our system. Hence, our being craves for relaxations and rejuvenations. 

But our tight schedules won’t allow much relaxation. Some may just peek into their mobile to check the updates in Telegram channels. But they will be pulled towards Youtube videos or Whatsapp chats.  Some may persevere and try to stick with the timetable strictly. But they face the issues of poor concentration, low memory and chronic fatigue. These will again create anxiety and stress in our mind for not being able to complete the schedule as per the plans.

The best way is to have a stable, consistent and progressive process. And more importantly, you don’t have to sacrifice every precious thing in your life. Your day should be in such a way that you should be able to sit calmly on a dining table and have dinner peacefully with parents. Your preparation should allow you to have a healthy lifestyle with a good fitness regime. Every day of your preparation should keep a smile on your face and satisfactory feeling on Soul. This can be made possible by prioritising things every day. Put happiness and relationships at the top of your priorities while also giving large space to do things that are important to achieve your goal. 

Because Life is more precious than anything. When we turn back some day, we should feel ‘I lived every moment completely’. Life is Nowhere, Life is Now-Here.