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[InstaMotivation] Rise again, like a Phoenix.

When you started this journey, there was lots of hope and strength. You had the belief that you would nail it in 1-2 attempts.  Somewhere you still believe you can do it. This is the reason why you are still in this race notwithstanding self-doubts that keep haunting you often. While you believed in yourself, you also let others believe in your dream. Some of them might have lost hopes today. Some of them might be supporting you with hidden scepticism. 

What happened to your own expectations that you could crack this exam in one or two attempts? Where did that initial strength that you relied upon vanish? Where did that determination to go against the wishes of people around you – who wanted you to settle for lesser things in life –  is hiding today? All that initial optimism, day dreams, happy hopeful beginnings – what happened to them?

What has changed today is your attitude. That strength which can push you harder to discover your true potential is still hiding within you. That determination to crack this exam and show to the world what you can do no matter from which background you come from – is still there within you, masked by layers of self-doubts. If you decide again, at this very moment, you can remove these self-doubts and be more determined again to not only crack this exam, but also excel in life. All it takes is a deep breath and realisation that what your true self is that of grit and determination. You need to close your eyes and understand that your true competition is with inner evils. The moment you realise that your inner evils are the creations of your own mind, you have no competition to achieve anything you want. 

Tonight, rise again like a phoenix. You can still do it. You can still do things correctly. You can still overcome every obstacle that is coming in your way. Whenever you choose, you can be what you want to be.