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Insta Ethics 70 Days Plan 2020 – Day 40


Day – 40



1.  You are transferred to a government department in one of the remotest districts of the country. This district has not seen adequate development since independence. Your government department is tasked with the responsibility of distributing free food rations to the eligible citizens of the district. However, your boss in the department and also several of your colleagues are not adequately distributing the ration to the beneficiaries. Some amount of ration is being used by them for their personal consumption even though they are not eligible to use them. This is not only affecting the beneficiaries’ rights but also is leading to misuse of government resources and funds.

In this context, answer the following question:

    1. Discuss in an elaborate manner on what steps you would take in this situation. Justify your steps by giving suitable reasons


2. You are Director of a training academy that trains civil servants. Chalk out a detailed curriculum plan to mould ethical and moral values in aspirants that will be crucial for a future administrator for the good governance of our country.

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