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Insta Ethics 70 Days Plan 2020 – Day 38


Day – 38



1. Your company is handling a multibillion dollar project for an MNC. You have been appointed as the project director and have also been assigned a team to help you out. However, you have not been able to keep up diligently with the project work due to some of your personal issues. You were not willing to relieve yourself of this duty because you feared that it might hamper your future growth in the company.

To overcome this personal challenge, you have unofficially given one of your team members the responsibility to oversee the project implementation. This member though intelligent, smart and hard working lacks the requisite experience. In spite of this, you have chosen him. At a crucial point of project implementation, you find out that the team member to whom you assigned the work has not done an adequate job. The delay that will be caused due to this will cost your company millions of dollars. The team member that you had chosen has decided to take the responsibility for the delay and has indicated that he would resign due to his failure to live up to your expectations.

In this context, answer the following questions:

    1. What are the ethical challenges for you in this case study?
    2. Debate the options available to you by carefully examining their pros and cons
    3. What best course of action will you take? Justify the reason for your action


2. You have been appointed as the SP of a district where the crime rate is high. Once you take over the responsibility, you discover that the trust of the people in police governance structure is at an all time low. They consider police to be hand in glove with the rogue elements in the society. Their perception is justified since some elements in your force do engage actively with these rogue elements. You realize that this reality needs to be addressed on a priority basis to ensure that your future policies to reduce crime rate in the district is successful

In this context, answer the following question:

    1. Discuss in an elaborate manner on how you will go about in ushering a governance structure which would help you to tackle the present realities in your district.
    2. What recent steps has the government taken to make the police governance system more ethical?

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