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Project Lion: Proposal identifies 6 relocation sites

Topics Covered: Biodiversity and conservation related issues.

Project Lion: Proposal identifies 6 relocation sites:


Six new sites apart from the Kuno-Palpur Wildlife Sanctuary were identified under Project Lion that was announced by Prime Minister Narendra Modi on August 15, 2020.

The six new sites include:

  1. Madhav National Park, Madhya Pradesh.
  2. Sitamata Wildlife Sanctuary, Rajasthan.
  3. Mukundra Hills Tiger Reserve, Rajasthan.
  4. Gandhi Sagar Wildlife Sanctuary, Madhya Pradesh.
  5. Kumbhalgarh Wildlife Sanctuary, Rajasthan.
  6. Jessore-Balaram Ambaji WLS and adjoining landscape, Gujarat.

Lion relocation has been talked about since 1995, when the Kuno Wildife Sanctuary was identified as an alternate site. What is the need for relocation?

  • The population in Gir has low genetic diversity, making it vulnerable to threats of extension from epidemics.
  • Lions are found in Gujarat across an area of 30,000 sq km called the Asiatic Lion Landscape (ALL).
  • Besides, the 2013 Supreme Court order directed Gujarat to relocate lions to the Kuno-Palpur Wildlife Sanctuary.

About Asiatic Lions:

Listed as ‘Endangered’ under the IUCN Red List.

  • Its population is restricted to the state of Gujarat in India (Gir National Park).


Prelims Link:

  1. Asiatic lions vs African lions- conservation status and distribution.
  2. When was the first lion census conducted?
  3. Census- male- female numbers, growth in numbers, expansion in area.
  4. What was SC’s verdict on relocation of lions? Which place was chosen?
  5. What is Asiatic lion conservation project?
  6. Wildlife under 7th schedule of the Indian Constitution.
  7. What is babesiosis?
  8. About Gir Forest.

 Mains Link:

Discuss the significance of Asiatic Lion Conservation project.

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