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Insta Ethics 70 Days Plan 2020 – Day 12


Day – 12




1. You grew up in a family where your parents had discouraged you to play with the kids of the migrants who had setup temporary homes near the house in which you grew up during your childhood. Though you did not understand the reason for such instructions while you were growing up, you later realized that your parents deemed it was unbecoming of their kid to play with migrant’s children. Your education has made you realize that such prejudices are not only unhealthy at a personal level but also at a societal level.

You have made sure that the prejudiced thoughts of your parents will not be transferred to your child. In true to your stand, you have given freedom to your child to play with everyone in the locality. This freedom has enabled your kid to become good friends with children of a migrant family whose parents are employed as construction workers in your locality.

Your parents are due to visit your family for their grandkid’s birthday. Your parents still harbor the prejudiced thought that you fundamentally disagree with. You came to know from your kid that he has invited the whole migrant family to participate in his birthday celebrations.

Though you have no problem with the invitation, you realize that this will not go well with your parents. You also know that your parents’ prejudiced thought could not be changed at this stage of their life. You also fear that your parents will reprimand your kid for choosing to play with the children of construction workers.

In this context, answer the following questions:

    1. Identify the ethical dilemma for you in this situation
    2. Below are a few options given to you; debate the pros and cons of each option in a brief manner
      1. Rescind the invitation extended by your kid to the migrant’s family
      2. Talk to your kid and explain the situation on why he cannot invite the family
      3. Talk to the parents of the kid’s family and convince them that they find a way to not allow their kid and themselves to attend the birthday party by explaining your situation to them
      4. Lie to your parents when they confront you on the issue and convince your kid to lie as well
      5. Invite the migrant’s family; irrespective of what your parents may say about it to you or your kid
    3. Apart from the above given options, what course of action will you take in this situation? Justify the reasons for your action.


2. Right to Education Act is one of the most important initiatives of the government to usher in an inclusive society where everyone feels they are equal irrespective of their socio-economic background.

As the Principal of a school in a posh locality, you realize that the implementation of the Act in your school may not be that easy; irrespective of how positively you feel about the Act. True enough to your concerns; you come across many challenges- teachers unwilling to wholly devote themselves to kids who have availed benefits under the programme, parents who have complained against the kids who have received benefits under the programme on superficial grounds and parents of the kids who have received benefits under RTE complaining of unfair treatment to their kids by teachers and some of their classmates.

Many rich patrons of your school are threatening to withdraw the admission of their kids in your school until their demands are addressed. One of their main demands is to create a separate section just for the kids who have availed benefits under RTE.

Any acceptance of their demand defeats the whole purpose of the Act itself. The higher management of the school is also pressurizing you to arrive at a solution for this problem soon. Higher management of the school is not averse to accept the demand of their rich patrons. When you made them aware that such a move could lead to legal troubles; they came up with a weak defense that the parents of the reserved kids do not possess either the knowledge or the financial resource to create any legal pressure on them.

As a teacher who has had years of experience , you realize no meaningful reform intending for a social change will be successful until there exists a general consensus on the reform path in the society.

Considering this situation, answer the following questions:

  1. Identify each of the stakeholders’ involved in this case.
  2. Present a detailed case on how you will ensure that this act is implemented by creating a general consensus involving all the stakeholders’ concerned with this issue.
  3. In your view, suggest some innovative measures to make Indian society more inclusive to address some of the social inequities in the society.


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