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“Ghar Tak Fibre” scheme

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“Ghar Tak Fibre” scheme:


As per government data, ‘Ghar Tak Fibre’ scheme is off to a slow start in Bihar, the first state that aims to connect all its 45,945 villages by March 31.


To connect all villages by March 31, the state would need to dig trenches, lay cables, and provide connectivity to an average of 257 villages daily, or a monthly average of over 7,500 villages.

  • However, nearly a month after the scheme was inaugurated, optical fibre cable has been laid only in 4,347 villages as of October 14, or at the rate of 181 villages per day.

About the scheme:

Launched in September this year.

It aims to connect all the villages with high-speed internet.

Targets: Under the scheme, Bihar has to provide at least five fibre-to-the-home (FTTH) connections per village, while there should also be at least one WiFi hotspot per village.

Implementation: The project will be jointly executed by the Department of Telecom (DoT), ministry of Electronics & Information Technology and Common Service Centres (CSC).


Prelims and Mains Links:

  1. Key features and significance of the scheme.

Sources: Indian Express.