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InsightsIAS ETHICS 70 DAYS PLAN for UPSC Civil Services Mains – 2020

Just like previous years, we are again launching our much followed Ethics 70 Days Plan for UPSC civil services Mains Exam – 2020. This plan gives you much needed daily practice to improve the quality of Ethics answers and case studies. Many toppers have followed this in the past.

Moreover, in CSE-2019, many have secured insane marks in Ethics paper (highest being 162) as if there was glitch in UPSC evaluation method, or suddenly UPSC found candidates writing ethics answers more ethical. Or this improvement might be because of Insights Ethics 70 Days Plan! – who knows! (of course it is certainly not because of this plan – don’t get enraged).

However, regular practice gives you confidence. And confidence gives you an advantage over others. You will also be able to manage time in the actual exam if you practice case studies frequently. Following this plan for next 70 days will help you complete syllabus of ethics paper in a streamlined and relaxed approach with much productivity and gain.

Download the Plan Here

Under this plan we will daily post questions in the evening around 8 pm as per the Plan. You will have to answer these questions and do peer reviewing.

Even if you are preparing for CSE-2021, this plan will work for you too. Key to success is more practice and more confidence. Keep practicing.

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