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Free I-WIL Test Series 2020 for Aspirants who have appeared in UPSC CSE 2019 Interview


Dear Insightians,

We are glad to announce that, We are providing Free Access to Insta – Writing Improvement & Leverage (I-WIL) Program – UPSC Mains Test Series– 2020 for 60 aspirants who have appeared for UPSC CSE 2019 Interview. However, this is based on First come first Served Basis. The next 40 aspirants (who have appeared for UPSC CSE 2019 Interview) would get 30% discount for I-WIL Program 2020.


We would be needing your details to verify the same. Fill the form given below to avail these benefits.


CLICK HERE TO FILL THE FORM to avail free access or additional discounts for I-WIL 2020.


(Please note : Free Access and Discounts are based on first come first served basis only)