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TODAY’s POSTS [ Current Affairs, Current Affairs Quiz, Static Quiz, Editorial, Secure Synopsis, RSTV The Big Picture, RTM ] 2nd October 2020

Secure Answer writing :

Secure Answer writing in English  2nd October 2020

Secure Answer writing in Hindi  2nd October 2020



Current Affairs in Hindi  1st October 2020


Current Affairs Quiz :

Current Affairs in English Quiz  2nd October 2020

Current Affairs in Hindi Quiz  2nd October 2020


Static Quiz : Economy

Static Quiz in English  2nd October 2020

Static Quiz in Hindi  2nd October 2020


RTM (Revision Through McQs)

RTM  1st October  2020


Insights into Editorial

Insights into Editorial: Weighing the costs: On COVID-19 vaccine


[MINDMAP] – World Bank’s ‘Doing Business’ Report

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