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What are Zombie fires?

Topics Covered: Conservation related issues.

What are Zombie fires?

Why in News?

‘Zombie fires’ becoming more frequent in Arctic in addition to fires occurring in the once-frozen tundra.

What are they?

A zombie fire is a fire that continues to burn underground and then reignites on the surface after a period of time.

What’s the concern now?

Fires in the Arctic are spreading to areas which were formerly fire-resistant. The tundra — north of the Arctic Circle — is drying up and vegetation there like moss, grass, dwarf shrubs, etc are starting to catch fire.

  • The fires and record temperatures have the potential of turning the carbon sink into a carbon source and increasing global warming.

Need of the hour:

  • There is an urgent need to understand the nature of fires in the Arctic which are evolving and changing rapidly.
  • The issue needs to be taken up as an issue of global importance.
  • There is a need for global cooperation, investment and action in monitoring fires.
  • Also needed it the learning from indigenous people of the Arctic about how fire was traditional used.
  • New permafrost- and peat-sensitive approaches to wildland fire fighting are also needed to save the Arctic.


Prelims Link:

  1. What are Zombie fires?
  2. How do they occur?
  3. Where is Tundra? Fauna and flora.
  4. Arctic region.
  5. Countries in Arctic cricle.
  6. What is Arctic council?

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