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STEP-UP Series- All India Free Open Mock Tests for UPSC Prelims 2020


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With the Preliminary exam approaching, Revision and Solving Multiple Choice Questions are of utmost importance. In this regard, a perfectly planned and well-crafted INSTA Revision Plan 2020 is being conducted with ascending stages of difficulty levels (1.0, 2.0 and 3.0) in order to facilitate both Prelims and Mains Revision. The incredible energy, enthusiasm and consistency of the aspirants witnessed in utilising the INSTA Revision tests is truly commendable.

INSIGHTSIAS had also rolled out the STEP-UP Series (Simulation Test to Enhance Preparation for UPSC Prelims 2020) – ALL INDIA FREE OPEN MOCK TESTS to push students beyond their comfort zones and step up their pace and quality of preparation for the Preliminary exam.

STEP-UP Series intends to give a real exam like feel to aspirants with a perfect blend of typical/standard questions and surprise/bouncer questions usually expected in the UPSC Preliminary exam.

Having successfully completed 4 Open Mock Tests, it’s time to take the final leap of 2 Open Mock Tests before Prelims 2020.

Students willing to attempt the previous 4 Open Mock Tests can take them even now.

With an exceptionally large number of students expected to attempt our Mock test, we promise you the twin benefits of testing your real level of preparedness and getting a glimpse of the most important topics that must be covered during the last minute of your preparation.

Post these Mock tests, you will be better placed to chart out an effective strategy for revision of important topics and those areas where you are still making mistakes. Consequently, securing those crucial extra marks can prove to be critical in determining the chances of your selection in the Prelims exam.



Test Details :

Open Mock Test 5: 23rd September 2020

Open Mock Test 6: 30th September 2020

Mode : Online

Medium : English


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Please note:

Those who had registered and attempted the previous Open Mock tests can directly login to the portal


All New Subscribers are to subscribe Here before taking the Test.


You are required to mandatorily fill in your UPSC Roll Number and update your profile before you take the test.


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