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Write a detailed note on entertainment Folk theatre of India.

Topic : Indian culture will cover the salient aspects of Art Forms, literature and Architecture from ancient to modern times.

1. Write a detailed note on entertainment Folk theatre of India. (250 words)

Reference: Indian art and culture by Nitin Singhania

Why the question:

The question is from the static portion GS paper 1, theme art and culture.

Key Demand of the question:

 One must explain in detail entertainment folk theatre in India.

Structure of the answer:


Start by explaining about folk art theatre of India.


Folk Theatre is a composite art form in India with a fusion of elements from music, dance, pantomime, versification, epic and ballad recitation, graphic and plastic arts, religion and festival peasantry. The Folk theatre having roots in native culture is embedded in local identity and social values.

Besides providing mass entertainment, it helps Indian society as indigenous tools of interpersonal, inter-group and inter-village communication for ages. Folk theatre has been used extensively in India to propagate critical social, political and cultural issues in the form of theatrical messages to create awareness among the people.

 As an indigenous form it breaks all kinds of formal barriers of human communication and appeals directly to the people.

Discuss more of its key features, its presence across the country in different forms.


Conclude with importance of it and contributions of it to Indian art, culture and heritage.