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Pigmentary disorder

Topics Covered: Issues related to Health.

Pigmentary disorder

What to study?
For Prelims: What is pigmentary disorder?
For Mains: Social stigma associated and research needed.

Context: Studies to understand the problem of pigmentary disorders is expected to get a major shot in the arm with Wellcome Trust/DBT India Alliance conferring an Intermediate Fellowship Award on Dr. Rajender K. Motiani, Assistant Professor at Faridabad-based Regional Centre for Biotechnology. The award consists of a grant of Rs 3.60 crore for a period of five years.

What is pigmentary disorders? Their effects?

Physiological pigmentation is a critical defense mechanism by which skin is protected against harmful UV radiations. Inefficient pigmentation predisposes to skin cancers, which are one of the leading causes of cancer-associated deaths worldwide. Further, pigmentary disorders (both hypo and hyper pigmentary) are considered a social stigma and therefore they impart long-term psychological trauma and tremendously hamper mental well-being of patients.

Significance of the grant?

  • The current therapeutic strategies are not efficient in alleviating pigmentary disorders.
  • The research project to be taken up under the award would seek to identify novel targetable molecular players that critically regulate pigmentation process.
  • Further, the researchers would try to repurpose commercially available drugs for treatment of pigmentary disorders.

In long run, this project is expected to have a two pronged benefits for society – protection from UV-induced skin cancers and potential treatment options for pigmentary disorders.

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