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GLIMPSES: Upcoming InsightsIAS Classroom in Delhi (Old Rajinder Nagar, Next to Vajiram & Ravi)


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We are happy to announce that our new office and classroom in Delhi is almost on the verge of completion. We are excited to provide the best possible guidance, tests, motivation and personal attention to our students through one of its kind classrooms in Delhi. Our classrooms are designed to make learning free of stress and enjoyable. There is more open space in our premises. You won’t feel like you are one of the sheeps in the herd (put in a crowded room)- rather you will realise that you are a strong contender for the coveted posts that you are aspiring for. This is because of the fact that open space provides an environment where you can engage with others and interact with faculty freely and fearlessly. 

We at Insights believe in making our students feel comfortable and privileged when they step into either our office or our classroom. Since the beginning we have followed ‘student first’ approach. This is because we know that our success in possible only when we ensure success of our students. 

The location of our centre is at the EPICENTRE of UPSC civil services preparation i.e in Old Rajinder Nagar and in a new building (third floor) next to Vajiram and Ravi (dead Opposite Domino’s/Sagar Ratna Restaurant).

We haven’t put our signage board yet. Work is still going on. Once it’s open, we guarantee that a brand new culture of treating students fairly and with all the personal care and attention they deserve would start in Old Rajinder Nagar. 

We are looking forward to treat you with love, care and best quality guidance you are seeking all these years.  We also guarantee that you will not have to pay exorbitant fees that you are paying there to fulfill your dream.