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School Health Ambassador Initiative

Topics Covered: Issues related to health.

School Health Ambassador Initiative

What to study?

For Prelims and Mains: Key features and significance of the initiative.

Context: The central Government launched the School Health Ambassador Initiative.


Aim: To spread awareness about the preventive health aspects.

Under the initiative, two teachers will be identified in every government school as ‘health and wellness ambassadors’.

The initiative has been launched as a part of Ayushman Bharat.

It will be jointly run by the Union ministries of Health and Human Resources Development.

The initiative will be linked with other government initiatives such as the Eat Right campaign, Fit India movement and Poshan Abhiyaan for the overall development of children’s health.


  1. Two teachers will be selected as ”health and wellness ambassadors” in every government school to raise awareness about preventive health aspects.
  2. These ambassadors will receive support from class monitors, who will serve as ”Health and Wellness Messengers”.
  3. The health and wellness ambassadors will spread awareness regarding preventive health by organising culturally sensitive activity sessions for one hour every week for 24 weeks in a year to promote joyful learning.
  4. The NCERT has constituted a National Resource Group (NRG) comprising 40 members who have sound training skills and experience in adolescent health. The NRG will then train the state resource group.

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