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[Insights Secure – 2020] Daily UPSC Mains Answer Writing Practice: 01 February 2020

[Insights Secure – 2020] Daily UPSC Mains Answer Writing Practice: 01 February 2020

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General Studies – 1


1. Examine the contributions of Dr B R Ambedkar in awakening Dalit consciousness in India. (250 words)


General Studies – 2


2. Who is a Star campaigner? Discuss the process of removal for a Star campaigner. (250 words)

Reference: Indian Express


3. Discuss the role North Eastern council in improvising regional integration of India. Discuss the efforts made by government of India in enhancing the regional connectivity. (250 words)

Reference: News On Air


4. Discuss the key features of National Commission for Indian System of Medicine Bill, 2019 (NCIM) , how is it different from the previous version? Explain. (250 words)

Reference: PIB

General Studies – 3


5. What do you understand by crowding effect? Do you agree to the fact that Market borrowings of the government do not always squeeze credit for the private sector in India? Comment. (250 words)

Reference: Live Mint


6. Discuss the possible impact of corona virus on Indian pharma industry. (250 words)

Reference: Indian Express

General Studies – 4


7. Discuss the significance of Gandhi’s Talisman for a civil servant in quest of administrative justice. (250 words)

Reference: Ethics by Lexicon Publications