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Will natural gas play the game-changer in India’s energy future? Discuss.

Topic: Infrastructure: Energy, Ports, Roads, Airports, And Railways etc.

5. Will natural gas play the game-changer in India’s energy future? Discuss. (250 words)

The Hindu

Why this question:

A study to facilitate the development of a national gas grid is to be undertaken soon by a U.S. entity for the Petroleum and Natural Gas Regulatory Board (PNGRB). Thus the question.

Key demand of the question:

Discuss the prospects of Natural gas and in what way it can be a game changer in India’s energy future.


Discuss – This is an all-encompassing directive – you have to debate on paper by going through the details of the issues concerned by examining each one of them. You have to give reasons for both for and against arguments.

Structure of the answer:


Briefly provide facts for Natural gas scenario in the country.


Globally, natural gas constitutes 24 per cent of the primary energy consumption. In India, Gujarat, which has relatively better access to natural gas, is having a share of 25 per cent in its energy basket. The government proposes to increase the share of natural gas in the whole of its energy consumption to 15 per cent by 2020.

Discuss the prospects in detail. Use a map to pictorially represent the resource availability in the country.

Explain the challenges posed by the industry.

Discuss the efforts of the government in this direction.


Conclude with way forward.