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Indian Data Relay Satellite System

Topics Covered: Awareness in Space.

Indian Data Relay Satellite System

What to study?

For Prelims and Mains: IDRSS- need, objectives and significance.

Context: India plans to ring in its own era of space-to-space tracking and communication of its space assets this year by putting up a new satellite series called the Indian Data Relay Satellite System.

What is IDRSS? Why it is vital?

The IDRSS is planned to track and be constantly in touch with Indian satellites, in particular those in low-earth orbits which have limited coverage of earth. 

It will be a set of satellites that will track, send and receive information from other Indian Satellites.

IDRSS satellites of the 2,000 kg class would be launched on the GSLV launcher to geostationary orbits around 36,000 km away.

A satellite in GEO covers a third of the earth below and three of them can provide total coverage.


In the coming years, it will be vital to Indian Space Research Organisation (ISRO), whose roadmap is dotted with advanced LEO missions such as space docking, space station, as well as distant expeditions to moon, Mars and Venus. It will also be useful in monitoring launches.

The first beneficiary would be the prospective crew members of the Gaganyaan mission of 2022 who can be fully and continuously in touch with mission control throughout their travel.

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