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CORE BATCH 2020Dear All,

        With the turn of New Year, providing for numerous opportunities of better learning outcomes, INSIGHTSIAS has launched it’s most cherished offline program, CORE BATCH-2020. The program caters to the truly aspiring UPSC CSE aspirants who are waiting in the wings, to leap for their dreams. Come embrace the opportunity.


  • An Intensive Test-based program for the truly aspiring & dedicated students. (Note: The program is only for those who aspire to be in Top 100, and not for inconsistent candidates)
  • Complete scholarship for 40 top students of the entrance test.
  • Free subscription to those who have taken EOL from different services and are aiming to better rank in CSE-2020
  • Free access to INSIGHTSIAS Prelims and Mains test series.
  • Free access to 24 Hour Discussion Room solely reserved for Core Students.
  • All kinds of genuine support will be extended till the Personality Test Stage for the top 40 students will be provided free of Cost.

By being part of this program you will be writing somewhere 500+ MAINS answers in the span of 2.5 months (which you wouldn’t do on your own) and write minimum 22 Essays!

This is all with our well evolved answer evaluation techniques.

You would have developed answer writing skills to the point where you can comfortably expect 460+ from 4 GS papers and 150+ in Essay paper.

Core Batch is not just about MAINS. It also trains you for Prelims exam in a unique way by integrating your learning with MAINS concepts and Prelims facts. By the end of the program you would have solved 3400 high quality MCQs


Director’s Address to the Previous Core Batch: 

To get a glimpse of the benefits that students are getting through CORE BATCH and also the improvement in their performance , read the article through the below link

Student’s experience in CORE BATCH

CORE BATCH has been a game changer for many of our toppers including Nandini K.R.- AIR 1, Sachin Gupta – AIR 3, Rahul S. Sankanur – AIR 17 and many more. Listen to Rahul Sankanur’s journey and importance of Answer Writing

Topper’s Talk on Core Batch

Details of the Program:


    • Total 44 Tests that will be conducted in 5 Rounds.
    • Each Round of Tests encompasses both Sectional & Full Syllabus tests.
    • Comprehensive Coverage of GS I, GS II, GS III in the 1st, 2nd & 3rd round of tests respectively.
    • Conquer the GS-IV & Essay papers with the tests being conducted in all 5 rounds of the program.

                General Studies:

      • GS I: 5 Sectional & 3 Full Syllabus Tests: Total 135 Questions.
      • GS II: 4 Sectional & 3 Full Syllabus Tests: Total 120 Questions.
      • GS III: 4 Sectional & 3 Full Syllabus Tests: Total 120 Questions.
      • GS IV: 6 Sectional & 5 Full Syllabus Tests: Total 152 Questions.     


      • 6 Sectional Tests & 5 Full syllabus Test.
      • Students will go through a cumulative pool of 64 Essay Topics and are required to answer an overall 22 Essay topics.
      • The essay topics in each round are in semblance with GS test paper of that round.



    • 23 General Studies Tests (Paper-1)
      • 11 Sectional Tests: For Holistic Coverage of syllabus
      • 12 Full Syllabus Test: To gauge your preparedness
    • 7 CSAT Full Syllabus Tests.
    •  50 MCQ’s (apart from the above 23 tests) for every MAINS Tests*.
      • The 50 MCQ’s will be from the very same syllabus.
      • 30 questions in the above 50 MCQ’s will be from static syllabus of subject & the rest of the 20 questions will be sourced from INSIGHTSIAS Daily Quiz, Current Affairs, Editorials starting from 1st January 2019, thus ensuring holistic coverage of subject related current affairs.

(*Excluding Essay, GS-IV & World History portions (GS-I) of MAINS Tests)

  • Core batch works wonders when you dedicate 3 hours per day for your optional preparation along with the below schedule.


For Registrations please visit office:

Address :

InsightsIAS OGP 1, Nanda Ashirwad Complex, 3rd floor, Above Village hyper market, Chandra Layout Main Road, Dwaraka nagar, Attiguppe

Bengaluru, Karnataka 560072
7483163074 / 9380863034