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Preliminary Exam, the very initial round of UPSC CSE Examination, poses a myriad of challenges to the aspirants. Even the experienced candidates fail to make their mark in this round of examination. The panacea to this very problem lies in taking tests that equip you to face the odds in examination with grit and confidence. With less than 170 days left for the examination, taking the tests that has the right approach to the examination is imperative to emerge successful.

In this regard, with renewed focus and unique tailor-made programs for preliminary exam, we are launching the INTENSIVE PRELIMS BOOSTER (IPB) Test series-2020 starting from the 1st January 2020.

There are two test series programs under IPB, namely:

  • The Subject wise approach– preferably for Veteran candidates.
    • Now available in Hindi medium.
  • The Textbook wise approach-preferably for Freshers.

(Note: The Current subscribers of Prelims Test series 2020 need not enroll for these programs)


Our Experience to your Aid:

Since our Inception and over the years, we at INSIGHTSIAS have taken challenges put forth by UPSC on our chin and have successfully guided thousands of students throughout the country.

  • Nitish K AIR-8, D K Balaji AIR-36, Neha Kumari AIR 26 in 2014.
  • Artika Shukla AIR-4, Chandra Mohan Garg AIR-25, Kumar Ashirvad AIR-35 in 2015.
  • Nandini K R AIR-1, Dhyanachandra H M AIR-47, Shivam Pratap Singh AIR-52 in 2016.
  • Anu Kumari AIR-2, Sachin Gupta AIR-3, Saumya Sharma AIR-9 in 2017.
  • Shrushti Deshmukh AIR-5, Sharanappa Sankanur AIR-17, Sreelakshmi R AIR-29, Lakshmi N AIR-45 in 2018.

And many more successful candidates have been the testimony to this fact.

INSIGHTSIAS has progressively increased its hit ratio in the semblance of the questions from its prelims test series with the UPSC CSE prelims questions and in the year 2019 we have witnessed a hit ratio of nearly 80% of the questions from our very Prelims test series.

(Go through the below article for more details:


The unorthodox questions in our test series have acted as shock therapy to the students to wake up from the status quo of conventional preparation that they have gone through and embrace the new reality.

The frequent tests every 3-4 days in the next 5 months entail you to up the ante from the rest. The meticulously planned syllabus and the corresponding questions in each tests will enable you to make great strides in the roadmap of your journey and make it a successful one.

The next 5 months are crucial for an aspirant from prelims perspective and on this New Year eve 2020 we have a resolution for the students to make-‘Let the year 2020 be the year of my reckoning in UPSC CSE Examination’, and we at INSIGHTSIAS are well equipped in helping you in this endeavor.


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