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Sustainable Development Cell for Environmental Mitigation Measures

Topics Covered:Conservation related issues.

Sustainable Development Cell for Environmental Mitigation Measures 

What to study?

For Prelims: Composition and objectives of the cell.

For Mains: Implications and significance of the establishment of the cell.

Context: The Ministry of Coal has decided to establish a ‘Sustainable Development Cell’.

For Prelims:

About the cell:

Objective: To promote environmentally sustainable coal mining in the country and address environmental concerns during the decommissioning or closure of mines.

Roles and functions:

  • Advise, mentor, plan and monitor the mitigation measures taken by the coal companies for maximising the utilisation of available resources in a sustainable way.
  • Act as nodal point at Ministry of Coal level in this matter. Formulate the future policy framework for the environmental mitigation measures including the Mine closure Fund.

For mains:


This move gains significance as the new private entities are now going to form a significant part of the future, a set of guidelines for proper rehabilitation of mines need to be evolved in tune with global best practices.

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