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Question Bank on Indian Economy – Table of Contents

Question Bank on Indian Economy – Table of Contents

  1. Economics: The Discipline
  2. Growth, Development, and Happiness
  3. Evolution of the Indian Economy
  4. Economic Planning
  5. Planning in India
  6. Economic Reforms
  7. Inflation and Business Cycle
  8. Agriculture and Food Management
  9. Industry and Infrastructure
  10. Services Sector
  11. Indian Financial Market
  12. Banking in India
  13. Security Market in India
  14. External Sector in India
  15. International Economic Organizations and India
  16. Public Finance And Tax Structure in India
  17. Sustainability and Climate Change: India and the World
  18. Human Development and Social Infrastructure

The book by InsightsIAS, published by Oxford University Press has more than 2000 quality questions that will not only test your knowledge of Indian economy, but will also help you understand concepts better. The book also extensively covers all current economic issues including climate change and trade war related issues.

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