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Should I write Answers on my Own from Daily Secure Initiative or Note Down Points from Secure Synopsis?

Should I write Answers on my Own from Daily Secure Initiative or Note Down Points from Secure Synopsis?

Many aspirants do this. They note down points from our Secure synopsis content and organise it neatly. They believe that as synopsis provides so much content that is more than what they themselves can do research and organise, it’s better to ‘save time’ by writing down important points from synopsis itself.

Indeed this is easy to do and faster also. However, by doing this you are not helping yourself improve essential skills that are needed to write good quality answers in Mains.

By simply copying down points from a readymade source you are missing out on crucial activity that’s needed to improve your analytical and comprehension skills. It’s a passive exercise that will help only temporarily. You will get good content, and also the satisfaction of ‘writing answers’ daily. But it’s a false satisfaction that does nothing good.

The right way to improve your answer writing skills is to read the original articles given under each question (in Secure), understand the issue comprehensively, note down the points that are needed to write a relevant answer,organise these points as per the demand of the question (in your mind) and then write actual answers a day later entirely based on memory.

We have already written a post about ‘How to Follow InsightsIAS Secure Initiative‘ to make effective use of this initiative.

Here to clarify again, when you do answer writing practice on daily basis, your intention must be to mainly twofold: retain content as long as possible and enhance your ability to think analytically to write a to the point, relevant and multi-dimensional answer. Copying content from synopsis will not help improve the second aspect. Again the first purpose will be served only if you revise your notes and answers at regular interval.

Don’t run behind acquiring new content every day, every hour. Keep a day aside once in ten days (or in a week) to consolidate and revise whatever you have learnt in the intervening period.

The main purpose of Secure synopsis is to provide quality content for revision and VALUE ADDITION to your written answers. You can extract missed out points from synopsis only after writing answers on your own. This exercise will make you realise how even more effectively you can study and improve quality of answer when you write next time.

There are few fundamental tasks that must be done to score very high marks in this exam. One of these is writing answers daily. If you are not doing it, then you are lagging behind in this race.

Our Secure initiative provides you a quality platform to improve your writing skills. We are also reviewing your answers on daily basis from this month. Make use of this initiative(almost every topper has used this initiative in some or other forms) and do well in exams.