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INSIGHTSIAS AUTUMN MAINS (IAM) TEST SERIES-2020 (Online + Offline): Timetable and Details


Online and Offline

Timetable and Details


Dear Aspirants,

MAINS Examination is a decisive stage (Maximum weightage) in the three round selection process of UPSC CSE EXAM. Thousands of capable aspirants fail to sail through this round and many fail to make a mark in the final selection list due to their poor scores in the MAINS Exam.

In this regard INSIGHTSIAS regularly conducts Mains test series which is appreciated both for its quality and on time feedback by subscribers , many of whom went on to score excellent marks in Mains and subsequently ended up as UPSC CSE toppers. Most of our test series students (Rank 17, Rank 114 , Rank 303) have scored excellent marks in Ethics and Essay papers thanks to our unique set of guidelines w.r.t these papers.

INSIGHTSIAS is glad to announce the much awaited INSIGHTSIAS AUTUMN MAINS TEST SERIES 2.0 (Earlier 3.5 Months MAINS Test series), a program meant for the students who would like to check their MAINS preparation much before Prelims and wakeup to the sheer competition and propel their answer writing skills to the zenith.

The IAM Test series embodies a three phase EBS Strategy (Elementary, Breakthrough, and Simulation) that provides a progressive platform for answer writing with a gradual increase in the level of difficulty of questions with every subsequent tests.

Elementary Round: This Phase of the test series enables an aspirant to cover the very basics of the UPSC CSE SYLLABUS, as the dictum says “Get your Basics Right to solve the INSOLVABLE”

Breakthrough Round: This Phase of the test series enables you to inculcate the art of interdisciplinary linkages in your answer writing and fetch those additional marks which sets you apart from the flock!!!

Simulation Round: This Phase of the test series enables you to acclimatize to the actual UPSC CSE MAINS EXAM Questions papers.

Embrace and realize your dream of sailing through UPSC CSE EXAM with INSIGHTSIAS, The one stop solution for UPSC CSE EXAM, which strives for simplifying IAS Exam preparation.




  1. Two round holistic evaluation of your Answer booklet within 10 working days*.
  2. Comprehensive Synopsis, acts as fodder in your preparation.
  3. Compare your answers with Toppers booklets, acts as pseudo*-benchmark in answer writing. (as you also set a benchmark in answer writing)
  4. Mentorship, a handholding initiative for thorough preparation enabling you to mend your approach towards UPSC CSE MAINS-2020.
  5. Video Discussion of the Test series, for a thorough analysis of the Test papers.
  6. Access the repository of INSIGHTSIAS Previous MAINS Test Series question papers.
  7. Break through the Doldrums of General Studies, as the test series covers all Four GS papers and Essay too.


Breakup of Tests:

Total Number of MAINS Tests: 20

  1. Sectional (GS I, II, III, IV): 8
  2. Full Syllabus (GS I, II, III, IV): 8
  3. Essay Tests (3+1): 4



Rs.16000/- inclusive of all the taxes.


Click The Link below to download INSIGHTSIAS AUTUMN MAINS (IAM) TEST SERIES-2020 Timetable.


Registration and Subscription:

You can register and subscribe for INSIGHTSIAS AUTUMN MAINS (IAM) TEST SERIES-2020 at the following link:

Insights Mains Test Series Website

We wish to serve you better this time too.


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