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MOTIVATION and Few Last Minute Tips for Candidates Writing UPSC Civil Services Mains Exam- 2019

MOTIVATION and Few Last Minute Tips for  Candidates Writing UPSC Civil Services Mains Exam – 2019


From tomorrow you will have to firmly believe in your abilities to do the impossible; you will have to reimpose strong faith in your strength and talent to overcome any inconveniences or perceived shortcomings to give your best to score highest possible marks in all papers. You will have to face all the papers with the strong conviction of writing best possible essays, answers and case studies – irrespective of your level of preparation for this exam. 

At this moment, your best friends or choices are good sleep, solitude, sound health and strong presence of mind. You will have to use these limited choices to bring out the best in you. There is no point in reading new things now. Taste the old wine and go for sound sleep. 

Tomorrow when you wake up, treat the day as just any other day. However, be the happiest person on this planet. Be excited for having a chance to express your creativity and ingenuity. Limit your thoughts to the moment you are living in. In those Three hours when you are busy writing essays and answers, forget the past and forget the future. Forget the results. Immerse yourself completely in the process of being original, creative and innovative to come up with content that inspires examiners to award you extraordinary marks. 

Let your focus be on one question at a time. And one test at a time. While writing Essay exam, never think of upcoming papers. While writing the first essay, never think about the second one. Or while writing the second one, never think about the first one. One question at a time – one best answer at a time. Be mindful and live the moment. Your presence of mind is required to give your best. Even when the world around you is chaotic and distracting, you must never notice it. Your attention must be on maximising marks – every second and every minute. 

To be the best, you will have to enjoy your life. You will have to enjoy the exam. Only less ambitious are affected by small things like fear, anxiety and frustration. The ones  with bigger ambitions, which you possess, are more focused on their job in hand. Worldly things don’t bother them. 

Once you write the Essay exam and walk out of the exam hall, let your entire focus shift to the next paper. Never. Never ever, discuss the Essay paper till you have given the last paper of the exam. Stay away from people and websites that discuss these papers. 

You are aspiring to be part of New India where you are going to play critical role in making India, India again. These exams are small things that will let you do bigger things in future. Give enough reverence these exams deserve. Not less or more. Because these exams will help you to make India great again, you will have to overcome all humanly emotions, stay strong and do well in these exams.

Doing well in these exams is an obligation. Not a choice. You will do well when you realise that this exam is your gate pass to ensure India’s success.  Not your success.

Wake up from worldly fears. Open your eyes to the big picture. Go for all out war against your old version of self-doubting, fearful, anxious and lazy alter ego. Get the best version of yourself up from bed tomorrow morning and make this world breathable again. 

Wish you all the best. You will rock tomorrow. Have no doubt. 

In case you had missed, watch the following video for more motivation and reasons to stay cheerful and give your best: