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InsightsIAS Ethics 70 Days Plan – Day 51

InsightsIAS Ethics 70 Days Plan 

Day 51

Case study — 1

You are working as Commissioner of Municipal Corporation. Your wife runs a company that recycles urban waste. There is a proposal pending before the ministry from various companies to allot site for recycling of waste nearby a village 40 km away from the city. Earlier, contractors used to dump waste in landfills near this village causing mammoth health problems to villagers. The village residents who have come to know about latest proposal have staged protests against government. Your wife’s company has made huge investments and acquired state of art technology to effectively manage waste from source to generation of energy from waste. She wants to establish recycling unit near the village as there is lots of waste available around. However, land rates are prohibitory and wants concession from BBMP. To favour your wife, you need to call for fresh proposals from interested parties. Moreover, you need to acquire land and provide it to whoever wins the bid. You need to do this against the will of the village people. But, you know that if your wife is given a chance, her company has potential to address one of the perennial problem of city i.e. waste management.

a) What are the options you have in this situation? Evaluate their merits and demerits.

b) Do you think the issue of conflict of interest should be overlooked if one’s action is going to benefit humanity at large? Justify.


Case study — 2

Suresh is working as doctor in primary health care center in a remote village. He is the only resident doctor who is treating villagers for past five years. He is highly respected by villagers for his professional integrity, care and expertise. As cities are located far away from this village, even nearby villagers are availing treatment from him. He being honest, has not taken a single rupee from any patient despite some of them forcing him to take money out of gratitude. For serious cases, which require special care, he has pooled in money from villagers and has brought well equipped ambulance for the hospital. One day, a girl child with critical illness arrives to his hospital. She was the only child to her Parents.

She was born after ten years when her parents had lost hope of bearing any children. Her parents beg Suresh to save her at any cost. After initial examination he tells them that she must be treated by a specialist. He also tells them that they have brought her very late to hospital and she might die anytime soon. However, he gives them hope by promising all the care through ambulance. Unfortunately girl dies in his hospital itself. Some relatives of the parents, despite knowing Suresh was helpless, abuses him and physically assaults him. Though some villagers come to his support, Suresh is pained by the events.

Following are the options that Suresh could pursue in this situation. Discuss their merits and demerits.

a) Seek transfer and move to different hospital.

b) File police complaint against his assaulters and see to that they are punished well

c) Take extra precautions while treating patients and maintain distance from villagers

d) Resign from the job and practice privately with profit motive

Also discuss which course of action you would have followed if you were Suresh. (20)