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InsightsIAS Ethics 70 Days Plan – Day 45

InsightsIAS Ethics 70 Days Plan 

Day 45

Aravind is working as a doctor in a corporate hospital. He is happily married to a doctor who also works at the same hospital. Aravind is living with his widower father who is suffering from Alzheimer’s disease. Due to their hectic schedule, he had employed a caretaker to look after his father. However, one day by accident he witnesses caretaker treating his father carelessly and abusing him verbally for not eating food. As the disease gets worse, Aravind’s wife who used to look nurse him whenever she had time, is now wants her father in law to be shifted to a well-known NGO which takes care of old people suffering from serious diseases.

Since marriage, Aravind believes that he has not been able to enjoy time with his wife and children due to his father’s illness. In the light of abuse by caretaker and his own busy life, he now sees merit in sending his father to a center where he will be taken care by well trained professionals. He thinks that he and his wife could visit his father once in a week on regular basis and spend quality time with his family for remainder of the week at his home.

  • Should Aravind send his father to old age center? Justify.
  • If you were Arvind, what options you would have explored in his situation? Evaluate their merits and demerits.