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InsightsIAS Ethics 70 Days Plan – Day 41

InsightsIAS Ethics 70 Days Plan 

Day 41

Case study — 1

You are working for big multinational company and have earned good amount of money over the years. You can be considered as rich compared to many other Indians. You hail from a small village where your mother still lives. Despite your best efforts to persuade her to live with your family in the city, she has not agreed to vacate her home in village where she was born and brought up. She intends to live among people with whom she has decades old relationship. You have built a new house with all amenities for her to live a comfortable life within village. Recently, a delegation from your village approached you and requested you to donate them money to build a temple with marriage hall in the outskirts of village.

You being an atheist since childhood, are against donating money to build temples. On the other hand you are eager to donate money to build toilets or a school. But villagers say that government provides money for school and toilets but not to temples. As your reputation is high among villagers, saying no would dent your social prestige. You also need villagers’ support to look after your mother.

a) Discuss the dilemmas you are undergoing in this situation.

b) What are your options in this case? Which course of action you would finally pursue? Justify.


Case study — 2

Your close friend is an animal rights activist. He believes that promoting non-vegetarianism and stopping eco-tourism would help our ecology to evolve and maintain balance. He has welcomed government ban on cow slaughter. However he wants same ban on slaughter of all animals and birds. He also wants forests to be left alone without human interventions of any sort. He is of the opinion that future without forests and wild animals would endanger human race itself. He believes that radical solutions are needed to protect wildlife from endangerment. He thinks that children should be forced to go vegan and taught to protect animals from young age. You are a teacher in a government school. Your friend wants to visit your school and discuss his ideas with students.

a) Would you allow your friend to discuss his ideas with students without any riders? Justify.

b) Comment on the major ethical issues that this case poses to you.

c) Do you agree with your friend’s view that future without forests and wild animals would endanger human race itself? Comment.