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[50 % Discount on IPM-2020] InsightsIAS Scholarship Test for Integrated Prelims cum Mains Test Series (IPM) – 2020

InsightsIAS Scholarship Test for Integrated Prelims cum Mains Test Series (IPM) – 2020

50% Discount to all Female Aspirants who appear in the Scholarship Test

TINa initiative insights IAS, insights IAS scholarship for girls, insightsIAS women empowerentWe are conducting both offline and online scholarship test to provide FREE and discounted access to our unique initiative of Integrated Prelims cum Mains (IPM) – 2020 Test Series for everyone who takes up the scholarship test – depending on the ranks they get in the test. 

In addition, to encourage more girls to prepare for this exam efficiently, we are giving flat 50% discount on IPM-2020 and also Offline Prelims Test Series – 2020 for all FEMALE aspirants who appear in the scholarship test. One must appear in the scholarship test to avail this benefit though. 

This radical and one of its kind initiative is purely driven by our desire to encourage more number of female candidates to prepare for this exam efficiently and effectively using tools like Integrated Prelims cum mains Test Series and Prelims test series. Our test series for prelims and mains have helped thousands of aspirants to become officers(evident in their hundreds of testimonies). 

We are calling this TINa Initiative for women empowerment (Tina Ira NAndini) from InsightsIAS. We hope to see more girl toppers emerge from across the country. At the same time, we are giving 50 FREE subscriptions to all, including MALE candidates(we empathise with you too) if they top the scholarship test on August 11th. 

The Scholarship test will be conducted on 11th August 2019, between 9 am to 11 am in our offline centres and also online as well. 

The test will be MCQs based objective test similar to full length prelims test. There will be 100 questions covering entire syllabus of prelims. Questions will test basic understanding of static part (from NCERTs) of the UPSC prelims syllabus (Paper-1) and also General Awareness vis a vis current affairs of past 7 months. 

Both our Prelims and Mains platforms are technologically equipped to help any aspirant improve his/her performance using various tools available in their dashboard.

For instance, on our Prelims dashboard, there are tools to analyse one’s ability to make right or wrong guesses in all questions and tests; there are tools available to analyse overall performance in all tests with respect to accuracy rate, section-wise topic analysis etc. Moreover, All India Ranking gives clear picture about nature of competition and helps one know his/her level of preparation at every stage of their preparation. 

With respect to Mains test series, the expert feedback on your answers, high quality question papers and synopsis, timely delivery of evaluated copies help one become better at writing answers and essays. Speciality of our test series is integration of Essay tests with GS tests which help an aspirant to prepare holistically for GS+ Essay.

By appearing in the scholarship test, you will have an opportunity to get completely free of cost Rs 39000/- worth test series. We are giving this opportunity to Top 50 students (25 from Offline and 25 from Offline). Moreover, there is huge discount to others who figure between Ranks 51 to 250. 

By becoming part of offline prelims test series, you will have an opportunity to personally meet our faculty and mentors to get personal feedback on your answers and essays anytime.

Top 50 Ranks : Full Scholarship – free IPM test series 2020 worth 39000/-
50-250 Ranks : Rs. 10000/- off on IPM test series 2020 
251- 500 Ranks : Rs 5000/- off on IPM test series 2020
501-1000 Ranks : Rs. 4000 off on Prelims Test Series -2020
OLD Subscribers of InsightsIAS : Additional 15% discount   
Additional Take Aways:
1. 50% discount on Prelims 2021
2. Free 3 months Mains test series after Prelims for those who write all 46 Mains tests
3. 50% discount on 3 months Mains test series after Prelims for those who write at least half of the tests.
To Register for Offline Scholarship Test :
To Register for Online Scholarship Test:
Nature of the Scholarship Test:
It will have 100 MCQs based on NCERT books and current affairs of last 7 months. It will be for 200 marks.
Date and Venue
Online test will be active between 9 am to 12 pm.
Offline test will be conducted between 9 am to 11 am at Insights OGP centre

Results will be announced on 12th August 2019.
For those who have already subscribed, you too can give the test. In case you meet any of the above criteria, refund will be made accordingly (full refund in case you are in Top 50)
For any queries, please contact