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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) – Insights IPM – 2020

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) – Insights IPM – 2020

Download FAQs on IPM-2020 Here


UPDATE: Insights Integrated Prelims cum Mains Test Series – 2020


We have postponed tests under IPM-2020 by one week (First Mains test starts on August 05) to align it with Yearlong Mains Test Series – 2020. Please check the updated timetable below:


Why you should subscribe?

You will NOT have to follow TWO timetables to prepare for UPSC civil services examination. Follow one timetable, that too by actively participating (on a regular basis) through testing your preparation at various levels. Your confidence levels will reach highest once you follow this timetable and start realising its benefits.

Moreover, timely feedback, mentoring from Insights team will help you avoid many mistakes that an average aspirant commits during the course of his/her preparation.

In addition, we are preparing special Value Addition Material(Orange Books) for subscribers of both IPM-2020 and Yearlong Mains Test Series – 2020. These materials will help you get quality notes for most important topics thereby saving precious time of yours to help you focus more on writing practice (rather than spending most of your time on making notes).

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