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2) Discuss the role of Information Technology in disaster prevention. (250 words)

Topic:Disaster and disaster management.

2) Discuss the role of Information Technology in disaster prevention. (250 words)

NIOS notes on disaster management

Why this question:

The question expects us to bring out the role of various facets of Information and technology in prevention of disasters as well as in managing the aftermath of disaster. 

Key demand of the question:

The answer must talk about role played by technology in effectively managing and preventing disasters.


DiscussThis is an all-encompassing directive – you have to debate on paper by going through the details of the issues concerned by examining each one of them. You have to give reasons for both for and against arguments.

Structure of the answer:


Begin with brief introduction on what are disasters.


Discussion should include the following: 

Define disaster management- e.g Disaster management is a systematic process with primary aim to reduce the negative consequences and effect of disasters, hence safeguarding people and social infrastructure.

Discuss in points, how big data can play a role in disaster management. E.g Big data generated from geo-informatics and remote sensing platforms can contribute to early warning systems for disasters. Geographical Information Systems (GIS), Global Positioning Systems (GPS) and environmental monitoring sensors with cloud services have a potential to predict disasters; Geoinformatics information along with transportation network data can benefit to understand human mobility patterns during disasters; social data sets; financial data sets etc.

Also discuss the role of internet etc. in disaster handling.


Conclude with way forward.